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Majoring in the Arts Webinar | March 22, 2022

College admissions for arts programs requires additional components on top of regular admissions steps. Learn about the admissions process, so you can be prepared for the fall of your senior year when it’s time to apply!

  • Delaware College of Art & Design:
     ~ Randle Reed, Director of Admissions

  • Delaware State University:
     ~ Dr. Derrick Thompson, Visiting Assistant Professor/Director of Choral Activities
     ~ William Colbert, Associate Professor of Visual Art

  • University of Delaware:
     ~ Gregory Shelnutt, Professor of Art & Design, Chair
     ~ Adrienne Harding, Music Admissions Program Coordinator
     ~ Dr. Lynnette Overby, Professor of Theatre and Dance

  • Learn about audition and portfolio requirements.

  • Find out how you can start preparing NOW.

  • Hear about majors offered at three Delaware colleges and universities.

  • Discover other resources to help you as you make plans for an art major.