• Presenter: Dr. Scott Solberg, Professor, Department of Counseling and Applied Human Development
    Boston University, Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

  • Original Webinar Presentation: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

  • Description: This webinar offers a rationale for designing and implementing quality Student Success Programs which will enable students to become more proactive in pursuing the academic and social emotional learning skills needed to enter and successfully complete a postsecondary program or degree. The session describes the key features of a quality SSP program and provide ideas for how to design a scope of learning objectives and sequence of grade appropriate SSP classroom and online activities.

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  • Additional Resources:

    • ILP (Individual Learning Plan) How to Guide 2.0 provides career development resources and examples of ILP implementation for an expanded range of age groups and settings including elementary and secondary school, postsecondary education, workforce development programs and other non-school settings. It also offers strategies for building and supporting capacity at the local level to facilitate adoption of the ILP process and provides examples of how to ensure that ILPs are implemented with quality.
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