Welcome to Delaware Student Success!

The Delaware Higher Education Office is pleased to announce our new and rebranded online resources (website and social media) for students, families and educators. These resources are designed to simplify the sometimes complicated process of career exploration, post-secondary education planning and financial aid.

For those of you familiar with our former Delaware Goes to College site, you know that we seek to provide checklists, timelines and compilations of online resources to assist seniors, parents and educators in the transition to college. As we expand our partnership with you to include supports for middle school and early high school, we felt it was important to have a name that reflects this focus.

Check out the new Delaware Student Success site and bookmark as a favorite! Follow us on social media at DEStudentSuccess on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be updating the Delaware Student Success site regularly and appreciate any feedback you want to share about the site (dheo@doe.k12.de.us). Below you will find a snapshot of some of the exciting features on the website.

Many of you have used Delaware Goes to College resources for your students over the past five years. You have integrated website links and references to social media throughout your materials and website. We have worked closely with our developers to ensure that all pre-existing links for Delaware Goes to College will re-direct to the new site. We ask that as you review materials or create new ones that you begin using www.delawarestudentsuccess.org. In the meantime, we will continue to keep the re-direct process active until further notice.

The Delaware Higher Education Office is focused on helping students prepare for success after high school.

Delaware students begin exploring their college and career plans as early as middle school. To earn a living wage in today’s economy, all students must pursue education beyond high school. This education can include a two-year or four-year college degree, certification program, apprenticeship, formal job training or military service. The type of education students choose depends on each student’s unique interests and skills. The checklists and resources available on this site allow students and families to easily move from middle school to high school and beyond as they develop a plan to achieve their career goals.

Students must make certain they have many options for life after high school graduation by taking advantage of resources early. In Delaware, students from middle school through high school:

  • Develop a Student Success Plan (SSP) in grade 8 to outline college and career interests
  • Identify their strengths and goals and how these connect to different careers
  • Learn about career and industry trends and salaries
  • Identify education and financial requirements for different careers
  • Participate in activities that help uncover and lead to dream careers
  • Identify by grade 12 the steps needed to achieve a dream career

Students have more flexibility than ever to attain their dream careers. As they learn more about each job’s earning potential, education requirements and education costs, families can use this site to help students continue to reach their vision of success.