A 529 plan is a great way to save for a child’s college education.

The Delaware College Investment Plan is a 529 plan sponsored by the state of Delaware and managed by Fidelity Investments. 529 college savings plans are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts designed to help parents, grandparents, and others pay for higher education expenses.

The Delaware Plan offers a choice of portfolios tailored to a child’s age or the ability to customize portfolio selections based on an asset allocation strategy. Withdrawals can be used for qualified expenses at any accredited college nationwide and many international institutions.

Delaware taxpayers can direct their tax refunds to their 529 college investment savings plan when completing their state income tax return.

For general information about 529 plans, visit Savingforcollege.com.

Delaware Plan enrollment kits and applications are available online or by calling the Wilmington Investor Center at 1-800-201-5380.

See how other families are planning and saving for college

The Fidelity.com Learning Center offers a library of courses, articles, and videos that prospects and participants can utilize to learn more about various college planning topics.  Below are links to two videos in the library that interview real families.