See why post-secondary education is crucial for everyone!

No matter what career you think you’d like to have, some type of post-secondary education is necessary to get the job you want. A post-secondary education can be a 2-year, 4-year, certificate or trade school program. All graduating seniors can and should continue their education in the type of program that best suits their personality and desires. A few reasons why you should apply to college are listed below.

Enroll in a program that will allow you to achieve your dreams.

So many jobs these days require a four-year degree. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, and police officers are examples of careers that require a college education. In fact, many jobs that never required a college education now require a degree. A Georgetown University study projected that by 2018, 59 percent of management jobs in the country — including those in Delaware — will require a bachelor’s degree and that nearly two-thirds of all jobs will require some post-secondary education.

Increase your job opportunities and choices.

Companies look for employees with post-secondary education. By completing a program and listing it on your resume, you give yourself an advantage over the competition. At the same time, you make yourself more marketable to a wider range of employers.

Earn more money with a post-secondary degree.

College graduates nearly always earn more than non-college graduates, an average of 66 percent more according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. Part of preparing yourself for the world involves ensuring you can support yourself and avoid financial hardship.

Enjoy greater job security throughout your life.

Education is directly linked to job security. Earning a college degree can help you find a valuable job with comprehensive benefits. College graduates generally have better health and retirement plans than non-college graduates.

Take advantage of the course variety offered at colleges and universities.

College gives you the opportunity to take classes in a variety of subjects. Exploring other majors by taking a class or two in that field is a great way to define what you really want to do in life. Colleges and universities also have student groups and activities of all kinds that allow you to pursue your interests, build your resume, or just have fun. You may want to get involved in an athletic club or intramural sport. And most schools have study abroad programs where students spend a semester taking classes at any number of schools around the world.

Start planning your career now and work toward fulfilling your dreams. Apply for college and go!