Help Your Student Succeed at School

Whether or not you have attended college yourself, you can provide important guidance to your child during their academic career. This page has many tips to help along the way.

Provide your student with support and encouragement by following these steps:


  • Establish a line of communication with your child and keep up to date with your child’s school life.
  • Ask about his/her interests, struggles, and goals.
  • Ask which subjects your child finds easy and difficult, and encourage him/her to seek help when struggling.
  • Discuss his/her future plans and career interests. Keep an open mind and allow your child to bounce ideas off of you without fear of judgment.


  • Help your child succeed academically by providing a quiet space for doing homework and ensuring that he/she keep up with schoolwork.
  • If necessary, meet with teachers to develop a strategy to help your child catch up in weaker subjects.
  • Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can help find postsecondary education programs that would best fit his/her needs and goals.


  • Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities, such as interest clubs, sports, music, and student government. If your child is particularly interested in an activity, encourage him/her to try for leadership positions within the club or class.
  • Volunteering, community service, and after-school jobs are also a great way for students to gain valuable experience and keep busy on weekends and during the summer.

Review and Research

  • Review your child’s Student Success Plan, which you can view online. Your son or daughter can identify interests, strengths, and find career options that match their interests. You can also search colleges based on criteria you choose.
  • As your child begins to consider college, you can assist by helping research colleges or training programs, discussing the best options, and helping with the application process.