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Apply with Confidence

  • Take inventory of your accomplishments, activities, and work experiences.
  • Join clubs, team sports, or volunteer opportunities in religious or civic community groups.
  • Check with your colleges to see if they require the SAT, ACT, or SAT subject tests. Plan to take the tests you need in the fall. You can retake the SAT to improve your scores.
  • Ask your counselor about fee waivers that can be used for the SAT, SAT subject tests, the ACT, and college applications. Some colleges waive their application fees during Delaware’s College Application Month.
  • Start by drafting an admissions essay or writing a personal statement about who you are and your unique qualities. Get tips at www.collegeboard.org, and check out current essay topics used on the Common Application at www.commonapp.org.
  • Identify individuals you can ask to offer recommendation letters. Make sure they know you well and can speak about your strengths. Provide your resume to help them with specifics.
  • Begin thinking about your applications. Generally, colleges will have their applications online by the beginning of August. Work on the admissions essay before the end of summer.